New Feature - Desktop Messaging
For the first time, Telstra Desktop Messaging users (both new and existing) will be able to download and install an easy to use PC Client to send SMS whenever you want! All you need is your Online SMS Username and Password.

View the graphical demonstration of how the Telstra Desktop Messaging works.

Download the Desktop Messaging. It's free to download, you simply pay for messages you send with your existing Telstra Desktop Messaging account. New Feature - Online SMS for Outlook & Lotus Notes
The Desktop Messaging also has a feature that enables you to link Desktop Messaging into Microsoft Outlook & Lotus Notes compatible Email Software, utilising your existing Address Books and functionality.

View the graphical demonstration of how the Outlook & Lotus Notes feature works.

Download the Desktop Messaging, it contains the Outlook & Lotus Notes software. New Feature - SMS Inbox
For the first time also you will be able to receive SMS messages on the web! Simply go to your Desktop Messaging Web Screen, and you have the ability to see both a Personal and Company "Inbox" where you can receive SMS.

View the graphical demonstration of how the new Online SMS "Inbox" works.